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Aura Bora

The Power of the LTO

A deliberate Limited Time Offer Strategy that sends product flying off the “shelves” again and again.


LTOs fully sold out


Days for fastest LTO to sell out


Increase in Subscriber AOV


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SMS List Growth

Few brand fanbases are as fervent as Aura Bora’s weird water loyalists. Fanatical for flowery concoctions like Basil Berry and Cactus Rose, they love the brand for its great tasting water as well as its unique and whimsical brand voice. A core component of Aura Bora’s DTC strategy centers around the concept of Limited Time Offers, or LTOs, which capitalizes on the passion of the fanbase. Every other month, the brand drops a new limited edition flavor that usually runs out within weeks as a result of the soaring demand.

Aura Bora knew the importance of building hype among existing customers and leveraging exclusive drops as an opportunity to grow their SMS list size and engagement. We worked with the Aura Bora team to craft a consistent formula to quickly generate hype, build loyalty and sell out of new flavors in record time, with cans flying off the shelves.

The Teaser Series

The Goal:

Generate hype & grow the SMS list

The Strategy:

Nothing’s as powerful as the feeling of being left wanting more. The teaser series hinted at the new flavor to consumers in novel ways, without telling them what it was. If they weren’t on the SMS list, they were told they could join for early access to the new drop.

The Results:

Dozens of eager email replies with guesses and messages like “OMG! I can’t wait.”

We made sure it was clear to consumers that being on the SMS list would be the only way to buy the product when it first dropped.

And of course, we all know the value of community engagement.

The VIP Experience

The Goal:

Craft a VIP SMS experience

The Strategy:

A few days after the teaser emails, we then dropped the new flavor first to the entire SMS list, making sure they knew they were getting first crack because of their elite status in what Aura Bora calls “The Cool Kids Club”.

This also allows Aura Bora to use this “early access” incentive as an evergreen value prop for joining their SMS list year round. Making these texters feel VIP and valued through ways like this also allows Aura Bora to reap continual benefits of these users engaging and purchasing via SMS year round.

The Results:

Hundreds of purchases and text-replies within minutes of dropping the flavor.

Doubling Down

The Goal:

Sell out.

The Strategy:

A curated, rapid fire email cadence surrounding the new flavor helps Aura Bora get the word out to its customers and sell out of the flavors in record times. A varied, steady drip of 5-7 campaigns in the 2-3 weeks following the launch of the flavor allows them to holistically craft a message for the product.

These campaigns include: Flavor profiles, text-based notes from the founder breaking down the inspiration behind the flavor, customer ‘first sip’ reviews, and one-click ‘add to order’ modules so that customers on subscription can experience the new drop.

The Results:

Selling out within weeks of launch (sometimes days) & boosting subscriber AOV by over 10%.