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Case Study

Koia Case Study

Doubling email-attributed revenue in 90 days with best-in-class campaign, flow, and segmentation strategy.

Koia is a beverage brand that sells plant protein drinks. Having strong roots in retail, Koia came to L//S to grow DTC sales.


Email attributed revenue


Percentage of Shopify revenue (up from 12%)


Open Rate (up from 9%)


Click Rate (up from 0.6%)


Unsubscribe Rate (down from 2.5%)

The  Challenge:

Koia had a substantial email database of over 100k profiles but the campaign sending cadence didn’t follow a specific schedule, which was driving lower engagement. Below-average deliverability and segmentation meant emails were landing in spam and unsubscribe rates sat above 2% in our ‘red zone.’ A few core flows were live including welcome and abandoned cart, but low overall automation revenue presented an opportunity to add to and optimize existing touch-points for a more robust customer journey.

The foundation of a high performing account is strong domain health, so first and foremost, we cleaned up segmentation. We only targeted users who had opened an email in the last 90 days to ensure deliverability KPIs hit benchmark and that emails moved from spam to the promotional or primary inbox.

We targeted Koia’s clean email list at least once a week with a healthy mix of campaign concepts, such as product highlights, special offers, and educational content, to keep the list engaged and converting.

We revamped all touch-points in the customer journey, from transactional shipping notifications to abandoned cart reminders, subscription upsells and customer winbacks, for a fully branded, seamless, and revenue driving retention funnel.

By implementing clean segmentation practices along with delivering consistent and high value campaigns and automations, we were able to lift open rate while decreasing the unsubscribe rate. This helped customers align with the Koia brand while fully optimizing email as a major retention channel.