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Gina started her career at a large four-season resort where she eventually ran a team managing content calendars across 10+ business units. She first got into retention marketing developing the automation strategy to improve customer experience and LTV across a multi-million person database.

Gina was then recruited by a partner agency to stay on the resort’s account but also manage all other clients retention marketing and content calendars. After working on the agency side for two years Gina made the move back in-house to an app startup focused mostly on their direct-to-consumer offerings and developing customer lifecycle management strategies.

After 5 years with a blend of working in-house and agency side, Gina joined Lunar Solar to start the CRM division. She now oversees a team of CRM specialists and digital designers that aid her in managing millions a month in CRM revenue. Over her career, Gina has worked with 50+ brands and now specializes in building omni-channel retention flows that increase LTV, AOV, and engagement. Gina takes an aggressive approach to becoming part of her clients team’s to fully understand the brand and the customer. Creating custom dashboards, she has been able to identify crucial points of the customer journey and layer in the right touch points to best nurture customers to conversion.

When not building customer journeys Gina can be found in the mountains snowboarding or on one of her next beach adventures.