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Trevor’s 15 years of work in branding and visual communication have been spent helping businesses thrive primarily in the apparel, food + beverage and outdoor industries. He began working as a freelance artist at 16. In 2010, he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Utah with a degree in Fine Arts and began working as a freelance creative director, photographer, and graphic artist primarily in the outdoor industry.

Trevor has been taking the lead on branding and identity projects for over a decade. He’s worked with a large number of clients both in a creative and a brand strategy role, including Bryan Anthonys, SPY Optics,, LINE Skis, ON3P Skis, and Kitu Super Coffee. Notably, he was instrumental in the visual development of the brand and launch of the outdoor gear company Cotopaxi.

At Lunar Solar, Trevor has been instrumental in building out the data-driven creative processes. With proprietary tech, Trevor’s creative teams are able to pull macro and client-level trends to inform ongoing creative iteration and drive new concepts for photo and video shoots. This has resulted in significant improvements to CTR, CPC and ROAS.