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Case Study

Lemon Perfect

How Lemon Perfect Squeezes Out the Competition with a Holiday of Their Own

We worked with Lemon Perfect to devise a creative promotional strategy that broke internal records and kept the brand at the heart of the campaign.



Increase in Revenue from Average Promotion


Open Rate
Industry Average: 37%


Click Rate
Industry Average: 1.1%


Placed Order Rate
Industry Average: 0.22%

The Challenge

Popular promotional periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and major national holidays create heightened competition among merchants for consumers’ attention. In such a saturated environment, marketing even your most aggressive markdowns of the year may still yield lackluster results.


· Build a brand story and increase brand loyalty

· Capitalize on an opportunity to highlight a central value proposition

· Avoid holiday inbox competition

· Achieve revenue goals comparable to BFCM sales

The Strategy/Process

1. Find the perfect holiday

What better holiday for a Lemon Perfect super sale than National Lemon Day? It falls on August 29th, meaning no distractions or competition related to common sale periods.

2. Create a style guide that differs from normal creative

For the 2022 email campaigns, we created a cohesive design theme to solidify the brand moment and generate excitement.

· New aesthetic

· Leaning into Gen Z messaging

· Clean images and design

3. Deploy a robust campaign strategy

The sale strategy involved an aggressive cadence of 3 emails and 3 SMS over 6 days, mimicking the send volume and general hype that most brands save for periods such as BFCM. Revenue was further boosted by a post-sale recap campaign which drove sales even after the offer was no longer available to customers.