Designing a Digital Experience for Enso Rings: Increasing Revenue and Boosting Retention.

Q4 Meta Campaigns Increased Revenue, QoQ
Google Shopping Increase in BFCM Revenue, YoY
Q4 SEM Campaigns Increase in Channel Revenue
Increased Revenue From All Sources, YoY
Launches supported With Photo + Video Shoots

Project Overview

Satellite Space Race Red Giant Enkore

After a successful pitch on Shark Tank led to national consumer attention and several high-profile partnerships, Enso Rings needed to quickly scale up their online presence and develop a strong digital marketing strategy.

To accommodate increasing product demand — particularly after announcing a partnership with Disney — and optimize search engine marketing and overall digital strategies, they needed creative assets that were dynamic, eye-catching, and could be used in a variety of ways.

Enso turned to Lunar Solar Group for full-service partnership, including a nine-month content engagement with Satellite Studio to create a pipeline of diverse creative assets.

01. High-Velocity Creative Assets to Fuel Growth and Support Brand Collaborations

Once we assessed Enso Rings’ needs, we formulated a plan knowing that creating gorgeous images for jewelry requires a careful touch. We needed to make sure that our photographs struck the perfect balance of framing the rings closely enough to show their unique designs while also demonstrating the myriad of ways that Enso Rings were perfect for a variety of lifestyles.

In addition to in-house studio productions, we utilized user-generated content to show real people enjoying Enso Rings products in an authentic way. These images resonated with audiences and allowed them to visualize how Enso Rings perfectly fit into their own lifestyle. The result is a wide variety of creative assets that could serve a variety of purposes, including web headers, digital ad campaigns, and more.

02. Landing Pages Built for Light Speed

LSG’s Space Race team managed creative direction, optimization, and website design and development to create multiple landing pages for collaborations with multiple brands, including Disney, Pixar, and Santa Cruz. On the web and across other creative assets, we made sure to cater to Enso Rings’ brand while simultaneously fitting the guidelines of their new partnerships.

03. Protecting deliverability with maximum deliveries over BFCM

Enso’s goal was to maximize deliveries during BFCM weekend, while protecting their email deliverability.

This is a fine line to walk. Our strategy?

Replace DNOs (did not open) with DNPs (did not purchase). By updating creative with new banners and background colors, we were able to send similar-but-different emails to everyone who didn’t purchase from the initial send.

Consistent MoM open rates

7% YoY increase in campaign revenue

Highest IP pool, despite sending 21 campaigns in 2 weeks

Enso has an exciting future — new product categories, new brand collaborations, and continued growth.

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