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3x Klaviyo revenue in 60 days – how to work smarter, not harder to drive CRM revenue.

Doe Lashes boosted Klaviyo revenue while simultaneously sending fewer emails via an optimized customer journey.


Klaviyo revenue


Increase in percentage of Shopify revenue


Decreased flow emails to drive increased flow revenue


Increase in flow conversion rate


Revenue increase from the Welcome and Post Quiz flows

As a company with a stellar product and strong existing brand voice across other channels, Doe Lashes’ CRM needed to work smarter, not harder. In order to drive more revenue, we rethought the overall customer experience and the Doe ecomm ecosystem.

The new CX took a customer-centric approach to simplify CRM. With customers coming in from 5+ platforms, it was critical to scale back email cadence and focus on quality over quantity.

New creative, in both flows and campaigns, emphasizes lifestyle imagery, value props, and education, ensuring that the emails customers do receive effectively speak to the Doe difference.

The highlight of the Doe brand experience is their Octane AI lash quiz–a funnel that uses personalization to find your perfect lash style. If a user doesn’t convert immediately, the next touchpoints are critical.

We created a distinct post-quiz flow that infuses personalized lash results and brand education.

To further promote the quiz, we geared both the welcome and abandoned cart flows toward the lash quiz for non-purchasers making the funnel end with quiz to conversion.

While automations are a key part of the customer journey, campaigns play a heavy hand as well.

We updated campaign creative to build a cohesive brand story–so that no matter where a user was in their customer journey, CRM effectively spoke to them across flows and campaigns.

By creating a personalized and branded email experience, we successfully pushed users to convert, making them feel intimately connected to the products themselves and looked after by the Doe brand. Because in the end, it’s about the customer.